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Hudson Valley Brain and Spine Surgery (HVBSS) understands the effect that chronic pain, and other symptoms associated with the conditions we treat, can have on your life, including the stress and fear associated with finding treatment.

Since opening our doors in 1965, our continued commitment to providing the highest quality, personalized care has resulted in many grateful patients who have taken the time to write kind words of thanks for helping them get back to what’s possible in their lives.

Dr. Oppenheim and Dr. Degen are highly experienced, board-certified neurosurgeons who will gently guide you so you understand your condition and the full range of treatment options. From your first consultation right through to your final post-operative checkup, you will speak directly with your neurosurgeon.

I sincerely thank you for making me feel at home & helping me to be myself again. Because of you and your knowledge as a doctor, the world becomes a better place, no doubt, because of you! I believe that you are one of the best doctors in the world.

HVBSS Patient

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